gingham trend

Hello, everyone!

Another favorite spring 2017 trend is the gingham, there seems to be everywhere I

pearls mango

Hello, everyone!

Pearl jewelry has been a thing of the past and present and will likely continue to have a presence in the future.

Jean skirt

The denim skirt!

Hello everyone, 

I am back from my trip to Andorra, it was an amazing week of skiing ..


Frayed Jeans

Hello, everyone!

The frayed Jeans or raw hem denim, are those jeans that on the bottom look undone and frayed..

camiseta de los ramones

Rock band t-shirts

Hello, everyone!

Band t-shirts aren't anything new. Were originally used for rock shows and also to support our....

casual outfit zara

Blue and White

Hi, everyone!

Today I want to speak a little bit about the striped trend.  Stripes stormed the..

mom Jean

Mom Jeans are back!

Hello, everyone!

After decades, moms Jeans are back. But what are mom jeans? They were just the jeans that were..

camisa volantes zara

Black Frills

Hello, everyone!

I imagine you are getting ready for the weekend. I am actually going to Dublin..

falda polipiel rosa zara

Pink is the new black


How was your weekend? I was around the town celebrating ..