Mom Jeans are back!

mom Jean

Mom Jeans are back!

Hello, everyone!

After decades, moms Jeans are back. But what are mom jeans? They were just the jeans that were fashionable at the 90s, light blue wash, waistband near the natural waist, and 100 percent cotton. Mom jeans are now a thing, High waist, long back pockets, and baggy fit around the zipper and leg area will be one of the "must have" for this season.

This style is getting in our closets really quickly. I know it's a hard trend to get on board with. But the first time I just tried, I just felt in love on how they fit. Fashion is about playing, having fun, tried different items and working them until they fit your style.  Is better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all.

For this shot, I am wearing a black mom jeans with a black top with some tassels on the back, gray high heels, and a Wayuu bag. As far as mom jean styling tips go, keeping your shirt simple and tucked in will ensure your waist is accentuated.

What do you think of this trend?

I hope you like them kisses!

T-shirt Zara (old)

Jean Pull and Bear

Shoes Zara

Wayuu Bag

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mom jean pull and bear
pull and bear mom jeans
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zara shirt
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pendientes xl mango
wuyuu bag
flecos zara
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black top with tassels

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